Servo Bag Packers
FA 217
Typical Applications: Flour & Rolled Oats, Sugar & Salt, Tea, Your Product
Output: 110 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: 7.3 liters max.

FA 217

  • The packing machine for the 21st century.
  • The FA 217 servo-drive from Fawema.
  • The perfect solution for packing flour or sugar in retail pack sizes.
FA 217.3
Bag Magazine
PLK Folding
FA 217.3
Prefolding head
FA 217.2

Outstanding Features

  • Minimal maintenance required due to integrated servo-drive technology.
  • High-capacity throughputs up to 110 bags per minute.
  • Flexible in size range (from 500 grams to 5 kg).
  • Rapid and simple size changeovers.
  • Hygienic and perfect for packing foodstuffs thanks to no oil bath.
  • Improved product settling resulting in very compact final packs.
  • No rubber suction cups or rapidly wearing parts.
  • Easy access to all areas of the machine.
  • Improved internal dust aspiration ducting resulting in a clean machine.
  • Low noise immissions.

FA 217 Specification

Weight Range:

0.5 to 5 kg


up to 110 bags per minute

Bag Sizes:

60 x 40 x 160 mm min.
200 x 120 x 460 mm max.

Typical Aplications:

powders and granules

Typical Examples:

flour, sugar, tea, salt...

• paper block-bottom bags

• laminated block-bottom bags,
• side-gusseted bags