Bundlers & Collators
UP 3-4
Typical Applications: Flour & Rolled Oats, Sugar & Salt, Icing Sugar, Cereals & Pasta, Tea, Gipsum & Mortar, Pet Food & Cat Litter, Chemical Products, Charcoal, Sweets
Output: 20 bags per minute max.
Packaging Volume: liters max.

UP3 - UP4 - Versatile Secondary Packaging with FAWEMA

FAWEMA's multi-unit packaging lines are ideally suited for combination with all common types of packaging machines. Both rigid containers and soft packages such as block-bottom bags, flat bags and the like can be grouped in the most diverse arrangements and wrapped in shrink film.

Advanced sealing tools and a high-performance shrink tunnel suited for operation in dust-laden areas guarantee optimum results in secondary packaging.

Thanks to their modular construction, FAWEMA's multi-unit packaging lines can be flexibly configured and added to. It is easily possible to connect several upstream packaging machines to one multi-unit packaging line.
Feeding station
Pressure plate for compact packages
UP 3-4

Outstanding Features

• film wrap from reel for all monoaxially and biaxially shrinking films
• low-wear, continuously heated welding system
• shrink tunnel suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
• continuously adjustable speed of passage
• option for processing bags with upright gable-top closures
• easy changeover of formats and multi-pack arrangements
• option of adding modules for higher performance (e.g. pre-collecting chamber)
• choice of linear, L-shaped or U-shaped installation
• choice of right- or left-handed orientation
• optional synchronization with upstream or downstream machines
• sturdy construction for multi-shift operation
• servo-driven multi-unit packer with automatic format changeover available

Max. size of multi-packs:

up to 800 mm long,
up to 800 mm wide,
up to 400 mm high

Max. film width:

up to 980 mm


up to 20

Air consumption:

approx. 200 l/min. (in standard litres)

Operating pressure Single stroke:

6 bar

Typical examples:

free-standing bags, boxes  ...